Its founder and president, Mr. Frank Larocque, has solid expertise obtained through 20 years of extensive experience in the mining industry, both in Ontario and Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • Process Supervisor:  Supervised the operation of the plant and managed the mill process. Developed training material and carried out the training of process operators on Safety, Environment and Process.
  • Mill Foreman: Managed mill personnel, developed training material and trained personnel on Safety, Environment and Process.
  • Training Coordinator: Developed and managed the site-wide training program and implemented the training of personnel on Safety, Environment and Process.
  • ISO14001 Implementation Team Member: Developed the training plan and material and carried out the training of personnel on Environment.
  • Control System Upgrade In-charge: Planned and executed the system upgrade and design of screen graphics global operation.
  • Y2K Contingency Planning Coordinator: Developed the Y2K contingency planning database and subsequently rolled out the contingency planning methodology to the company’s mining and milling operations in Saskatchewan and Ontario, Canada and Kyrgyzstan.
  • SAP Implementation Team Member: Developed and implemented work instructions and training plan.

He also performed the following tasks and activities for various firms:

  • University of Saskatchewan Adult Education Conference Speaker: Explained learning methods and training process that are implemented in an international mining / energy company.
  • Saskatchewan Process Industry Training Network – SIAST: Designed and developed the Process Operator Program curriculum.
  • Electrical Preventive Maintenance Advisor: Developed advertising material. and served as trade show speaker.
  • Engineering, Manufacturer of Mining Equipment: Implemented ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 systems.
  • Mining Contractor: Wrote documents for *ISNetworld® upload and data management.
  • International Mining / Energy Company: Served as editor and publisher of quarterly newsletter.

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